Adding radiators to your home adds new life to your living spaces

The Value of Retro-Fitting a Central Heating System

Many homes need a little extra renovating to bring them up to date, make them warmer, and improve the living comfort, occupant well-being and value of the home.
Central heating systems can easily be retro-fitted into homes with access under the floor; what’s more, you don’t even need to be doing any other renovating at the same time. Because traditional South African homes are neither well insulated nor heated, it is also worthwhile to upgrade the insulation in addition to retro-fitting a warm water central heating system.
Radiator systems are best suited to retro-fitted installations as underfloor heating usually requires the pipes being laid in the concrete before building.

Things to Consider for House Heating

  • Factor in these issues when planning to retro-fit a central heating system in your existing home:
  • Do you have the space in a laundry, garage or potentially outside for a heat source such as a
    liquid fuel, gas, biomass boiler or heat pump?
  • Have you included the cost of heating in your renovation budget?
  • Have you considered possible changes to the building consent so that the renovation work
    includes central heating?

A comfortable home for the whole family, no matter the weather

Benefit from Our Experience

It is best to speak to our experienced team before beginning your renovations. This allows us to help plan your renovation project so that you’re heating system can be installed the most costeffectively. Bring in or send in a copy of your house plans so a workable proposal can be prepared for you.

Contact us to speak with one of our sales representatives and we’ll help guide you through the different options we are able to offer and help find the one most suitable to your lifestyle.