Frequently asked questions

How it works?

Energy- Fuel Costs

What is the cheapest energy source or fuel in South Africa?

Paraffin. This is partly due to the fact that there is no VAT on this fuel.

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Energy- Access

Do I have to go and buy the paraffin at the local supermarket?

No, you will be provided with a system that will let you or the fuel provider know when you are running low on fuel and you can contact the fuel provider or they will contact you – depending on which option you choose. The fuel will then be delivered to your home and your fuel tank will be refilled to your requested amount.

Where do I get the paraffin from?

The recommended supplier for liquid, gas or biomass (wood, coal) fuel is Standard Heat:
contact tel 011 609 1486,

Energy- Safety

Is it safe to keep fuel on my premises?

Yes. The fuel tank has a bund around it so that in the unlikely event of a leak there is a secondary ‘tank’ around it. In this way there is no chance of the fuel running through your property. However it is still not advised to have a braai next to the tank for obvious reasons.

Can the paraffin in the tank burn me?

No, paraffin must be atomised in order for it to ignite with an open flame. Therefore the paraffin in the tank will not catch alight, even if you put a flame to it.

Will the water in the pipes burn me if the pipes leak?

The water in the pipes is not pressurised, therefore it will only drip out slowly as opposed to squirt out if it does leak. In addition the water in the pipes is at a temperature of about 80°C so it will be hot to the touch but will not burn you.

Is liquid fuel(paraffin) dangerous to store on my property?

No, you cannot light it with an open flame and the fuel storage tank is certified and approved to meet SABS 10131 standards.

Emitter radiator- Safety

Will it burn me?

No, the radiators are safe to the touch but you probably won’t be able to leave your hand on the radiator indefinitely.

Is it safe to the touch?

Yes, the radiator will reach a maximum temperature of 70°C. So you won’t be able to leave your hand on the radiator but it will not burn you at all.

Emmiter radiator- Care


  • Sit on the radiator – the radiator is not designed to hold the extra weight of a person.
  • Leave clothes on the radiator – air needs to be able to flow over the radiator in order to heat the room.
  • Write on the radiator – you may not be able to get the ink off.


  • Clean with mild soap and water.

Why should I choose a radiator to heat my rooms?

Convection heating is not forced moving air and is therefore healthier. It also heats up quickly, heating the room quickly and can be turned off when you are not in the room.


How long is winter?

Winter starts in May and ends at the beginning of September, however it does get cold before and after these times – remember it did snow in Johannesburg in 2012 and 1981.

When is the coldest part of the day?

Between 06h00 and 07h00 as it takes a while for the sun that has just risen to first stop the temperature from falling from the night before and only then start to raise the temperature.

Is it colder when it rains?

Yes, the additional moisture in the air removes heat from our bodies.


How long will retrofit take?

Depending on the size of the house, between 7 and 15 days.

What if the pipes leak and we cannot get to them?

Leaks most often occur at the joints of which there are only joints at the radiator and manifold.

Is central heating efficient?

A central heating systems is both efficient and effective as long as it is designed and installed correctly. That is, it is important that the specific outcome, in terms of desired temperature to be reached, is what the system should be designed for. If the system is under specified then it will not achieve the temperature because the system has been designed to underperform. Likewise, if the units installed do not meet with the correct specification the desired level of comfort will not be achieved.

Thus, the correct central heating system is the best option for efficiency and effectiveness. This has been proven the world over as central heating has been around, perfected and improved a for over 300 years.

Are radiators better than underfloor?

As with most things the application will determine the better option. Underfloor is better for larger areas in colder climates whereas radiators have a much better response time so are easier to manage energy costs.

What is in the radiators?

Water runs through the radiators via pipes from the heat source. The entire system is sealed so no water is consumed after the system is filled.

Why is a warm water central heating system the best option for heating?

  • Unlike most heating systems where you are limited to only one energy source (typically electricity), central heating affords you the flexibility to choose any heat source that suites you.
  • Water transfers energy four times more efficiently than air.
  • Radiant heat is most comfortable for the human body whereas forced-air is drafty, noisy and often leaves cold spots in the room.

Is warm water central heating system the healthiest choice?

Yes! As there is no forced air no pathogens, allergens or germs are blown around. This makes the system the best choice for asthma suffers, the elderly, children and the entire family.

Is a warm water central heating system affordable?

It is the most value for money. With the correctly specified system the average house could be heated for the price of heating just 3 rooms – as South African’s typically do in winter. Of course the central heating system will add to the value off your home.

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Why should I contact Hydro Central Heating for heating my home?

As the experts in South Africa we always start with finding the BEST solution to your lifestyle requirements. We therefore promise that our solution will actually achieve the objectives that we say that it will – as requested by our customer.

Our Solution WILL work! If you are the contractor installing the system, as long as you install the system that is specified, you can be confident that the customer will be satisfied, every time.