Have you noticed, in the last month or so, how much less your electricity bill has been now that the weather has been warming up?  It can come as quite a shock to compare your winter vs summer electricity bills.  With tariffs being higher in winter and heating devices working over-time winter can be an expensive time of year from an electricity perspective.

Here at HCH we believe that the best time of year to make smart changes for better electricity consumption in winter is in the summer months.  That way you can prepare for the coming colder season in advance.

The HCH team has put together 4 great tips for increasing winter warmth while decreasing electricity costs.

Tip #1: Work with Hydro Heating

One of the most powerful ways of heating a home is through hydro heating. Water retains heat for longer than air or earth-based materials, which means once it is heated, water is a very effective way to warm your home.  By heating water with a non-electrical energy source such as gas or wood, you not only harness the heat retaining power of water, but you also reduce the cost of that heat.

HCH has a range of fuel sources other than electricity available for heating of hydro systems for your home.  Click here to read more.

Tip#2: Constant Heating Improves economies of scale

One of the most electricity expensive ways to heat your home is to turn heating systems on and off.  If it takes 4184 Joules of heat to increase 1kg of water by 1ºC – Read more here, then every time you heat a hydro heater in your home, you are having to expend a great deal of energy to get that heating system up to temperature.  The same concept applies to air or metal or tiles (in the case of underfloor heating).


If you can keep these elements heated and simply maintain the heat, you reduce the amount of start-up energy required.

HCH provides home-owners with several heat source options other than electricity that make keeping your home at a constant comfortable temperature not only possible but also cost effective.

Tip #3: Radiator Heating provides continuous winter warmth

Key to keeping your home at the perfect temperature in winter is a system of heating that has been used internationally for decades.  Modern radiator heating continuously warms the air in your home. Radiator heating doesn’t remove the moisture from the air in your home like forced air heating does.

HCH radiators are a series of wall mounted radiators that use the power of hydro heating to infuse your living spaces with a gentle and constant heat.  If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to live in the comfort of warm homes like our European counterparts, then installing a centralised heating system such as radiators will ensure all winter comfort.

Working with HCH radiators, you have several heating options available to you other than electricity. These include Liquid Fuel, Gas, Electric Heat Pump and Solar.  These heating options for your radiator system not only ensure that your home is kept comfortable throughout the colder months,  but will also help you to reduce winter related heating costs.

Tip #4: Underfloor Heating

There is nothing more comforting than stepping out of a warm bed onto a warm floor.

Many South African homes are designed with summer in mind, which often includes tiled floors.  While this is a great way to keep homes cool during the warmer months, tiles are bitterly cold in winter.

The relatively extreme experience of the seasons in South Africa is, for the most part, due to homes being designed with just summer in mind.  By installing underfloor heating, the tiles or cool summer flooring, become a winter asset, providing your home with the warmth and comfort we all long for in winter.

winter heating

Working with HCH, you can add the additional benefit of reduced winter heating related electricity costs because HCH utilises electricity efficient heat sources such as Liquid Fuel, Gas Fuel, Electric Heat Pump, Solar supplement.

If you’d like a substantially more comfortable winter in the coming year with reduced winter heating related electricity costs, then makes sure you get in touch with HCH here today.