Our Company’s History

Hydro Central Heating was started in 2007 as a result of insights from research on international best practice for central heating in response to an increasing desire from South Africans to be able to use all their rooms in their entire home in winter.

It became clear that we, as hard working South Africans, have earned the right to be comfortable throughout our entire home. We believe that we should always step into a warm room and therefore never have to step into a cold room again. We deserve the best solution that meets the way we use our home in both summer and winter.

Drawing on our experience gained in the electrical power systems industry around the world it was understood that Electrical energy is not the first choice for heating in most parts of the developed and developing world.

It was therefore learned that a boiler system remains the tried and tested method to heat all properties – from 5 star Hotels, to homes and factory floors.

Perfection Over 300 Years

Armed with this research, knowledge and experience of the international central heating industry, that has been developed and perfected over 300 years, additional research was done to find out what would be the most cost effective fuel source in South Africa.

central heating radiotors

And so Hydro Central Heating was born.

The most efficient and effective central heating systems were rolled out to the residential public of RSA.

With the advent of increased electricity and oil prices; not lest the sometimes unreliable electricity supply, demand from all areas in RSA, that get cold (and we do get cold); HCH has expanded to the major centers namely Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng and the Free State.

In addition our system has been used for remote areas where electricity is not readily available as well as warmer areas such as the eastern Drakensburg.

Finally, we have grown to supply both the retail and the trade markets.

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