Design Philosophy

Solution First

The central heating solution we seek to find is to provide our clients the fabulous comfort of living in their home, in winter, as they do in summer. Therefore the central heating system solution that we provide must actually do what it is supposed to do – keep the user warm, regardless of the temperature outside.

Nothing But The Best

As a result we endeavour to provide the BEST, most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE central heating solution in South Africa; tailored and personalised, for each individual’s personal lifestyle in their own room – throughout their entire house.

Designed For People

The best solution, consequently, is for all rooms to be equipped to provide the specific individual with the temperature and level of comfort they desire. We recommend that all rooms should be between 20ºC and 22ºC when the person is in the room.

Designed For Full Control

To achieve this level of Fabulous Comfort the system is designed to be able to get up to temperature when it is needed. On the other hand the system should therefore be able to be turned off when heating is not needed and to be programmed to do this. In this way both the use of the system and the on-going costs are under the user’s full control to serve their lifestyle needs.

Designed For Independence

Our solution aims to provide the best system to create independence from the electricity providers leaving the user in an uninterrupted lifestyle of fabulous comfort.

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Hydro central heating

We envision central heating and cooling technology in every residential home and business in South Africa, designed for people to have full control and independence from the electricity and energy monopolies in South Africa.