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    Fabulous Comfort: Live Like It’s Summer All Year Round

    You can set your entire home to the temperature you want, when you want it, that provides accurate and
    full control over the temperature and running costs.

    In this way you are free to live like its summer all year round in your entire home
    – independent of your home’s insulation and the weather in your town.

    You will be independent from the electrical energy supplier that is expensive, inefficient, inflexible, unreliable and anti-competitive
    whilst achieving international best practice standards of comfort in your home.

    This is why the world’s leading economies have been using and perfecting this heating technique for over 300 years.
    This makes central heating the northern hemisphere’s system of choice – best practice.

    Working With Hydro Central Heating Is As Easy As 3 Steps

    1. Tell Us Your Comfort Needs

    Space Heating or Cooling, Hot water Heating.

    2. Compare Solution

    Effectiveness and Efficiency.

    3. Finalise Your Solution

    Implementation of your most effective solution.

    What You Need For Fabulous Comfort

    Central Heating Explained

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    What Options Are Available?

    Liquid Fuel Solution

    Gas Fuel Solution

    Electric Heat Pump

    Solar Supplement

    Your Journey To Fabulous Comfort

    “Your home should be the most comfortable place on earth. ALWAYS step into a warm room by having all your rooms, perfectly
    warm. Live like it is summer all year round and love your entire home in winter. Heat your entire home, business and geyser
    free from electricity at a temperature that you want,
    when you want it with accuracy and full control. Here is how:”

    What our clients have said


    Adrian Friedman

    I contacted Hydro Central Heating because the information on the company’s website made me think that the system would suit my needs. I have always wondered why central heating is not more common in South Africa. Since it is controlled by a thermostat, there is no reason why it must be kept on during our relatively warm winter days. But our winter nights get cold, and I hate the uncomfortable feature of many South African houses (all of my previous ones, included) in which certain rooms in winter are boiling hot (because of a fireplace or gas or electrical heater) and other rooms are ice cold (especially the bathroom at 3am).

    Well, it is almost the end of my first winter with central heating and I have not been disappointed. Hydro Central Heating installed the central heating system (powered by a boiler and radiators) and it works exactly as I expected it to work (having lived overseas briefly a while ago). There is no section of my house that is ever cold and there is no room that is uncomfortably hot, either. The whole house is constantly a warm, comfortable temperature, day and night. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I cannot envisage, even after this short time with the system, ever living without one. It is an absolute joy to live in an environment which is as comfortable as my house now is. Another massive advantage is that the system is not very dependent on electricity. Not only is my electricity bill down, but it is extremely cheap and simple to back-up the system for loadshedding and power cuts. As a result, my house is never cold, even during outages.

    I would like to make a special mention of the people who run Hydro Central Heating. Patrick Hawes is extremely knowledgeable about his product and took lots of time to speak to me, accommodate my precise requests and explain the process. David Hawes, who took primary responsibility for the installation process from beginning to end, was courteous throughout, extremely sensitive to the needs of our household during the installation (because it is never easy having workmen present in a household, especially with young children and pets there) and tirelessly made sure that any snags were sorted out. In any situation in which a 100-year old house has a central heating system retrofitted there will be snags.

    I always take the view that one cannot judge a contractor by whether snags come up – they always do; one should judge a contractor by the way in which it deals with the snags. Hydro Central Heating passed this test with flying colours; it is my view that they are the most professional, friendly and efficient people that I have ever worked with on any project involving building or workmanship. Patrick and David made sure that every concern that I raised was addressed, either through an explanation of the proper functioning of the system, or by coming to make a necessary change. I recall one time when David came out at 7pm on a Friday night, after the boiler stopped working, only for us to discover that tree fellers had inadvertently disconnected our gas supply! Irene, who handles the admin, was always very kind and accommodating. In short, they are true professionals and it was a great pleasure working with them throughout the process.

    I cannot recommend Hydro Central Heating, or the central-heating product that it sells, enough. It is definitely great value for money and I would try to encourage anyone who has the financial means to purchase the system to see it as an investment well worth making.

    Rene van Son | Johannesburg

    1 how your wood stove central heating system from HCH makes you feel in winter

    Thanks to the system we feel very comfortable in our living areas, with the cosy centre being the room where the fireplace is. The spaces are enjoyable again in winter. In the past we would spend the cold season in a single room. We now wear T shirts and a thin jersey only in the living areas that are heated with the radiators.


    Ryan M | Johannesburg

    I love that I can walk around the house, barefoot, in winter and not be cold :)