A home with central heating in the heart of the Drakensburg

What to Consider When Building

When building a home there are a huge number of elements to consider in order to get the home you want. It is essential that you consider heating at the early planning stages rather than as an afterthought so that your heating system can be designed and installed in the best way, in regards to both system efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Given that you are building a new home from scratch, the cost of installing a central heating system becomes easy to rationalize when you consider the total cost involved in the building process. Having a warm water central heating system in your home will not only add superb living comfort and health benefits, but it will also add to the long term value of your home as well as saving you on energy costs.

Heating the Home: Plan Ahead

A number of warm water central heating options are available for new-build homes using either underfloor heating, radiators or a combination of the two. With underfloor heating, the heat comes from lower down, which is the most comfortable for the human body. There is no aesthetic impact on the home. Radiators give a very flexible and cozy heating experience that is quick to respond and well suited to our South African weather and lifestyles. Your choice is not limited to choosing between underfloor heating and radiators—we offer a variety of heat sources (including gas boilers, liquid fuel boilers and heat pumps) using different fuel options. Our heating specialists can liaise with your architect or designer to make the heating system blend into the design of your home and to ensure that the system gets incorporated at the beginning of the building process.

Installing underfloor heating ties in easily with new home builds

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