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One of the best feelings of Fabulous Comfort in your own home is to lean up against the warm radiator when you come in from the cold.

Radiators are:
Very safe: for children, pets, the elderly and all in the house. Radiators can be touched with the bare hand without any harm. As a further benefit of this safe temperature the adornments of the room such as curtains and furniture will not be affected should they come into contact with the radiator.

Fully Controllable: each individual radiator can be turned off or temperature changed independently of all the other radiators.

Quick responding: Radiators heat up to temperature within 10 minutes and will get the entire room up to temperature in under an hour – if sized correctly for the room.

Very Stylish: radiators are available in every style to suite your décor. The basic styles include ribbed, plane or decorative finish, White or Colored, Horizontal or vertical radiators and Towel rails.

Radiators can be fitted to a new dwelling and can be retrofitted to an existing structure.

The house can be separated into different heated areas for specific use such as sleeping, entertaining, working and living areas. At night, the living area can be turned off and set to heat up to the desired temperature again in the early morning. This is possible due to the rapid heat up response of a radiator system from cold to warm in less than 1 hour. In addition the radiators can therefore be turned off during the warm day as well, saving large energy costs. Furthermore, overheating and therefore paying for heat you don’t want is prevented at midday and into the afternoon when the outside temperature is at its highest.

Radiators are hygienic as there is no blown air so no dust or pathogens are spread around making it ideal for all areas in winter. Therefore radiators are perfect  for spaces used for child-minding, working, caring for the elderly, sick or fragile.

We recommend that radiators should be fitted in each room in the house including bedrooms, living areas, toilets, passages. This would ensure that the entire home is warmed evenly throughout. As indicated above you would also therefore be able to turn off areas that are not in use such as the entertainment area when you sleep at night or the living area when everyone is out at work.

It is important to reiterate here that radiators come In All Colors and Styles to suit your environment, budget and lifestyle.

Towel Rails both heat the room as well as dry your towels at the same time. Therefore they are perfect for en-suite and small bathrooms as well as kitchens. Towel rails that are connected to the central heating system also give off more heat that the typical electric one’s making them more efficient to dry your towels.

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